What are The Benefits of Access Control Systems?

Access Control System

Security has always been a major concern for any business. If your office space or building contains important inventory, equipment or confidential information that you want to protect from thieves or burglars, you should look into installing a good security system.

Although CCTV cameras are known to protect businesses by keeping constant surveillance, you can upgrade the security level of any area by adding access control systems that will restrict unwanted or suspicious entry to the building, space or location. Apart from upgrading your overall security measures, access control systems like biometric fingerprint readers, card readers, facial recognition readers, and turnstiles offer a lot of other benefits to businesses. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy:

Protection Against Unwanted Visitors

For most businesses, one of the major security concerns is being able to monitor who is entering or leaving their premise and when, in order to prevent suspicious entries. This can be made difficult if your building or area has lots of foot traffic – but this is not the case anymore. To ensure extra security, most businesses in Singapore are now switching to door access control systems such as turnstiles combined with biometric fingerprint or card readers. This ensures superior access control by detecting and deterring unauthorised entries.

No More Fear of Losing Keys

Gone are the days when a single bunch of keys was used to manage a huge building, as losing any one of the keys was enough to pose a serious threat to the building’s overall security.  Now more and more businesses in Singapore are transitioning to door access control systems like fingerprint and card readers to ensure a totally keyless entry. This makes lost keys a redundant concern and moreover, if in case the card gets misplaced, it is much easier to assign a new one and deactivate the old one rather than finding the lost key or changing the locks.

Keep Track of Everything

In the absence of a proper control system, it can get difficult to track who was present in the event of a break-in or theft incident. An access control system lets you keep a complete track of who is coming or leaving the premise or swiped their cards to access a particular area. If you have a card reader or fingerprint reader installed in your office in Singapore, it makes it much easier to track who is coming and going through that specific space.

Ease of Access for Employees

The installation of automated control systems offers ease of access to employees arriving at and leaving work. Installing fingerprint attendance systems in particular comes in handy for tracking attendance. This can also act as evidence of which employees were present on a particular day and for how long, in case any security breach happens and investigations need to be carried out. Moreover, assigning cards to employees for confidential or restricted access to a particular area makes it easier for them to get their job done without needing to repeatedly ask management for access.

Security Against Data Breaches

A company may hold a lot of confidential information such as financial records or sensitive client data that needs to be stored securely. Although the information is stored on company-owned servers, installing access control systems can restrict or grant physical access to IT rooms and even individual computers or networks so that no data breach happens.

Upgrade the Security of Your Building With Huntaway

Access control systems offer a great solution to upgrading the security in your facility and improving the daily flow of operations.

At Huntaway we can help you tighten the security of your premises by installing technologically advanced access control systems. With our reliable security solutions including card readers, facial recognition locks, turnstiles and biometric fingerprint readers, you can conveniently and efficiently control access to any of your properties in Singapore.

Apart from offering door access control systems across Singapore, you can also browse through our other security solutions including intrusion alarms, CCTV surveillance camerastime attendance, visitor management, and more. For more information and queries about our security services in Singapore, contact us today.

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