The Best Access Control Systems For Singaporean Businesses

Any business operating within an industry that includes working with confidential information and sensitive data or expensive machinery and other equipment understands that security is one of the top priorities. These business assets are essential to the success of your business, and as such it’s absolutely vital to ensure they’re as safe and secure as they can be at all times.

One integral measure to this security is a quality access control system, an electronically powered security system which provides access to buildings, areas and rooms to specific staff members. This effectively minimises the risk of physical data breaches and theft of essential equipment.

As a leading security company in Singapore backed by years of experience, we’ve had a number of customers asking us about effective access control in Singapore. To better answer their queries, our team has put together a list of options available. Keep in mind, though, that each business’ needs are vastly different, so make sure to call us if you’d like to discuss a personalised access control system solution to suit your needs.

1. Turnstiles

Chances are at some stage of your life, you’ve come across and even had to walk through a turnstile. These are mechanical gates that allow only one person to pass through at a time, and can be a highly effective piece of the access control system puzzle for a few different reasons.

First, they’re a great way to implement controlled access to certain areas of a building. For example, a visitor to the building may only be granted access to a very particular area via a turnstile.

They also make a very effective method of flow regulation; instead of an open area where there may be issues with crowding, everyone is required to queue and walk through the turnstiles in a more organised manner. The added benefit of this is also that there’s no manual requirement to identify passes – the turnstile will do that job instead.

Finally, turnstiles can act as a great deterrent for anyone who would otherwise simply be able to walk to wherever they pleased.

2.  Biometric Fingerprints

Biometric fingerprinting in relation to access control systems involves enabling access to buildings, rooms, areas and even IT systems via fingerprints.

Fingerprint door access in Singapore is fast growing in popularity due to its efficiency and enhanced security. Staff no longer need to have an access card but simply scan their fingertips to gain access to wherever they need to go. It’s also becoming a great way for staff to log into their computers, too. The use of biometric fingerprints provides increased security as everyone’s fingerprints are unique and only registered users will be able to access crucial areas in your premises. On top of that, fingerprints are much harder to forge than a traditional key and you won’t have to worry about losing or forgetting them too.

3. Card Reader

Perhaps the most common door access control system in Singapore currently is the card reader. These are part of a business’ security system which verifies different staff members when they scan or swipe their access card at the machine on a door.

Each machine can be coded to accept specific staff cards, and it can be quite a straightforward way to set up restricted access areas throughout a building as there’s no longer a need for employees to carry around multiple keys to be able to get to where they need to work.

4. Facial Recognition

Another biometric access and restriction method in Singapore aside from fingerprint door access is through facial recognition technology. Your current smartphone, tablet and/or laptop may even have this technology too.

It’s much faster for staff than using a card reader or even a visitor’s fingerprint, as they simply stand in front of a camera as they’re walking in and the door unlocks for them. It can also be a highly effective way to track visitors or employees should the need ever arise. This feature, along with the difficulty in forging the facial features of registered users acts as a strong security deterrent to protect your premises from unwanted visitors.

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At Huntaway Security, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your business is fully protected and future-proofed against any and all security breaches. Call our friendly team today on (+65) 6316 1284 or send us an online enquiry if you’d like to know more about the design and installation of a top quality access control system for your Singapore business.

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