How Does Using CCTV Cameras In Singapore Help Your Business?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are a ubiquitous sight in Singapore – they are seen at train stations, shopping malls, schools and places of business. Unsurprisingly, with how commonplace surveillance cameras are on local shores, Singapore is ranked 8th out of the world’s most surveilled cities for cameras per square mile. Reliable, cost and manpower effective, it is little wonder that CCTV systems are favoured security solutions in our nation. But are there any benefits of using CCTV services for your business?

Let Huntaway Security, a leading CCTV supplier and contractor in the local security industry, explain how CCTV cameras are a valuable asset in securing your premises.

1. Guarantees Visibility Of Entire Premise

As much as we want to, we can never split ourselves to be everywhere simultaneously or keep a lookout over every area of a physical building. But with the installation of a CCTV system for your business, you can. Provide yourself with an additional set of eyes to have an overview of your entire site at the same time and ensure no blind spots are missed. When your cameras are in place across your facility in Singapore, you will be able to gain an eagle’s eye view of your whole facility from one device. By obtaining the complete picture of what is happening in your business via CCTV, you can guarantee the visibility and security of your entire premises.

2. Monitor Your Business

Tracking staff performance is an added advantage of installing CCTVs on your premises in Singapore. Employers will be able to keep track of timekeeping and attendance – a helpful resource for when you cannot be on-site. Additionally, surveillance cameras help organisations check if their staff display appropriate and professional conduct at work. Monitoring staff and customer safety is another great reason to have a CCTV system in place. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic in Singapore, this aids employers to check if their staff is following safety procedures. The awareness that your location is CCTV-secured further sends a message to customers that you prioritise safety for everyone and boosts customer trust for your business. Browse our extensive range of CCTV products, from our solar CCTV cameras to our dome CCTV cameras, and enjoy the advantages of monitoring your business.

3. Deter Crimes

The presence of a robust CCTV system installed at your business acts as a natural deterrent for crime and illegal activities. As a testament to its ability to ward off crime, the College Of Policing found a 51% decrease in crime in car parks with surveillance cameras. Likewise, Channel News Asia reported how the Singapore Police Force employs 90,000 cameras and plans to install more than 200,000 by 2030. Typically, thieves and vandals hunt for easy targets that will not attract any unwanted attention to themselves. However, if they spot CCTVs around your site, it will dissuade them from targeting your business as they want to avoid being caught on camera. Excellent for external security, CCTV cameras can also prevent employee wrongdoing when the staff know there are no blind spots for illegal activities.

4. Secure Evidence

Surveillance cameras are helpful tools to help your organisation maintain records of the daily occurrences on your premises in Singapore. In the unfortunate event that a dispute or crime occurs, it provides your business with a means of securing evidence by simply referring to the footage. Naturally, this assists in solving crimes by pinpointing time, place and suspects. The ability to show indisputable proof through a CCTV system is also vital in helping owners resolve internal and external disputes in their place of business. In addition, it comes in handy when handling insurance claims and can be advantageous for your case.

5. Saves Costs For Your Business

In Singapore, there are many forms of insurance you will need to run a business. But did you know that having CCTV cameras helps you save on insurance costs? Even insurance companies recognise that they enhance security and quote CCTV-secured businesses lower insurance premiums. As a result, your CCTV system is highly cost-effective. Also, compared to traditional security mediums, such as the presence of more security personnel, CCTVs are much more cost-efficient. Unlike humans who may fall sick or change jobs, surveillance cameras do not pose such problems and are always available to perform their duties once they are installed. In that sense, they further help companies avoid the staffing costs of constantly finding and hiring new security employees. Furthermore, their reliability extends to how they are less likely to malfunction in contrast to the human errors associated with a security guard.

Reap The Benefits Of A CCTV System For Your Business

Sold on why your business needs a CCTV system? Check out the prices of our affordable range of CCTV cameras to reap its benefits now! For enquiries or further questions about things such as CCTV maintenance in Singapore, contact our team, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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