What is the Importance of a Visitor Management System?

Visitor management is a common practice that takes place in all companies and organisations regardless of their sizes and is about tracking and managing guests to your office. If you have a business, you will likely have different visitors passing through your office whether in the form of clients, shareholders, vendors, or customers.

If you have visitors on an everyday basis, it is important to keep a record to be prepared for any mishap that might happen in the future. Some businesses only record the visitor’s name and the purpose of the visit, while others might also ask for an ID card, depending on the safety standards of the organisation.

However, it can be tedious and tiring to track and manage the visitors manually. Hence, more and more companies in Singapore are slowly moving toward advanced systems for visitor management such as CCTV surveillance cameras, digital signage kiosks and visitor management machines to efficiently manage the guests. Here are other key reasons why you should consider implementing a visitor management system in your office:

Securely Manage Data
For all aspects of your business, it is always important to have a secure system to manage your data. Similarly, when it comes to visitor management, you need to be using a technology-enabled system that can securely store all the required information about visitors in one place. The traditional approach of using a log book to record visitors’ details, where the information is accessible to everyone, is not at all secure in today’s digital age.

If you are looking for help to set up a visitor management system in your office in Singapore, Huntaway can assist you by offering a surveillance system together with our other security solutions to manage your visitors’ data smoothly.

Better First Impression
First impressions matter and with a modern visitor management system in place, you can create a good impression on your visitors whether they are your client, customers, or candidates arriving for an interview. You can allow pre-registration on the digital system for your guests so that they can know what to expect, as well as email them the critical information about the directions to the company or the parking facility.

Most offices in Singapore today even have a visitor management system that includes vehicle barriers to control and manage vehicle movements in and out of your parking area. At Huntaway, a leading supplier of car park barrier systems in Singapore, you can get high-quality security solutions for your building. Installing our LED signage display screens in your office will also improve the first impression of your business by highlighting your brand’s distinct identity.

Saves Time
A digital visitor management system also helps you save time by eliminating the hassle of a manual check-in process and making it both automated and efficient. On top of this, you can also have access to all the information of your visitors within a few clicks. Using visitor management tools will not only save time for your company, but will also ensure that your visitors don’t have to go through a tiring check-in and information collection process. This ensures a streamlined and smooth experience for visitors.

Manage Visitors to Your Office with Huntaway
A visitor management system is crucial to ensuring any modern workplace’s security. Whether you are managing a small business or a large organisation, you cannot ignore the importance of a technologically advanced visitor management system.

At Huntaway in Singapore, we can facilitate the visitor management process by installing digital signage kiosks for self-registration together with a visitor management machine and turnstile barrier system to create a smooth experience for visitors to your office. You can also contact us directly to discuss your security solutions needs.

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